British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists

The British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists   is about everything concerning the motorcyclist's way of life, sport or hobby of motorcycling is represented by the BCCOM, be it dirt bikes to drag bikes. We fight for the rights of our members on issues from tickets, helmets, insurance, accidents, police harassment. We stand up for our members on anything that threatens our rights or lifestyle. Through our efforts B.C. has become the most hassle free province in Canada and other parts of this country are seeking our assistance. We have designated areas in the province represented by Area Reps for the BCCOM with more areas as the need increases with the population, the Reps work hard for the members on a VOLUNTEER basis.

The mottos of BCCOM are : "Freedom ain't free" (but in B.C. it's affordable) 

                                            "Ready to strike for your rights"

                            Hence the Snake shirt with it's striking, fanged snake head logo.


A few things the BCCOM has done for you the motorcyclist:
We fought and won lower insurance rates.
We fought and won ICBC on NO FAULT insurance.
We fought, won and raised the handlebar height regulations.
We fought and won the right to wear the B.C. Beanie helmet.
We stopped illegal ticketing of modified motorcycles.
We won allowing motorcyclist to have collector plates.
We fight and win bogus exhaust noise tickets still.
We fought BC Ferries on ferry rates and loading priority.
We fought, won and helped set guidelines for U-built bikes.
We will fight anytime, anyplace in B.C. against unjust treatment of a

If you ride, you need to protect your rights by joining the BCCOM.
For more information e-mail at this web site or phone our office at
604-580-0111or contact the Area Rep in your locale.
Want to justify your $30.00 annual membership? Take a ride out of B.C.,
when you return you will be happy to join the BCCOM and enjoy the fact that
you can do something to ride free.

We Are Ready To Strike For Your Rights  
Support BCCOM

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Provincial Rep. Co-ordinator  and
Squamish Area Rep is
Bruce Currie/ Kickstand

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